04 November 2014

Our Halloween Alternative

halloween alternatives
Since finding a stash of empty candy wrappers in the girls room two weeks ago, I decided to ban incoming Halloween candy this year. I know, I’m a super mean mom. Or maybe I just want my kids to know that there are consequences to certain choices they make. Especially ones that involve secrecy! 
Either way, we’re not that fond of certain aspects of Halloween anyway and since we weren’t planning on serving at Jordan this year (too much with a new baby…maybe next year!), we decided to come up with a couple of fun and easy stay-at-home activities.  
TP Fall Art 017
The girls love to paint so we found this easy toilet paper roll art project.

TTP Fall Art 007
Grace decided to make an apple tree.

TP Fall Art 011

TP Fall Art 014

TP Fall Art 015

TP Fall Art 020
Faith turned hers into a pumpkin patch.

TP Fall Art 022

TP Fall Art 024

Caramel Apples 03
We also made caramel apples.

caramel Apples 04
Organic apples are the best. The caramel will stick to them better! Dip and twirl!

Caramel Apples 05
Chopped pecans…Oh, YUM!!!

Caramel Apples 06
This was my FAVORITE!!!

Caramel Apples 07
Coated with mini M&M’s. See, I’m not THAT mean! Winking smile

Caramel Apples 08
And sprinkled with fall colored sprinkles.

Caramel Apples 09
Slice them up and enjoy as a tasty treat!

Caramel Apples 10
We capped off the evening by passing out pretzels and candy to a few neighborhood kids and watching,
“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” as a family.
I thought the girls would like to dress up in one of their many costumes and pass out candy but they didn’t even dress up this year and they were hesitant to open the door, just in case someone showed up in a very scary or gory costume. In fact, when I asked them how they enjoyed this year’s Halloween, they said it was the BEST and they wanted to stay home and do the EXACT SAME THING next year! 
Just proves to me, that although candy getting is fun, my kids hate the dark side of Halloween. As a Christian, we don’t revel in the darkness when we’re supposed to live in the Light.
Fun family time will always outweigh the scary unknown.
Plus, who needs all that candy, anyway?
I always end up throwing away half of it by Thanksgiving. Bah! 

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