06 October 2014

Welcome Home, Zachary!


Welcome Home 11

Welcome Home 09
Hailey & Karen.

Welcome Home 10

Welcome Home 17
Let the Fiesta begin!

Welcome Home 06A

Welcome Home 02
Our sweet friends!

Welcome Home 16
Soccer in the backyard.

Welcome Home 15
A beautiful day!

Welcome Home 04
Hailey taught me how to properly wrap Zach.

Welcome Home 01
With my #2 & #3.

Welcome Home 12
The kids were having fun outside.

Welcome Home 13
The girls with cute little Miss Aubrie (photo bomb by Joshua).

Welcome Home 14
“Tough Guy” poses.

Welcome Home 05
“Tough Guy” poses.

Welcome Home 03
I’m a blessed woman!

Welcome Home 08A
The Guest of Honor.
Sunday was all about thanking God for what He’s done in healing our son, fellowship, and fiesta!
We gathered after church with our dear friends and enjoyed barbequed carne asada tacos with all the yummy fixin’s. Zach made his appearance every once in a while but for the most part, he was snoozing away upstairs.
We are so grateful for not only these dear friends but our beloved family, as well as entire communities of people who came together to pray and support us through Zach’s miracle recovery.
Praise God for answering our prayers!

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