04 June 2014

The “Real” Value of Money

kids and money

At this point, it looks like I have one child who is a spender and the other one who likes to save. However, whenever they hear of an opportunity to help someone, both are eager to give it ALL away.

Recently, I was having a conversation about this very thing with some friends. We were lamenting on the fact that it’s much easier for children to give up their cash when it comes to helping those in need. Their reaction is typically immediate, unencumbered, and genuine.

I further went on to say, “It’s probably because they don’t know the real value of money.”

That trite statement lingered on my heart, longer than I care to admit.

I realized what I had said was absolutely NOT true at all. Perhaps children give it away so freely because indeed, they DO know the REAL value of money. That in fact, if more people viewed money the way they did, this world would be a much nicer, richer, kinder place.

Typically, children have not been swayed by the vices that money can often bring. They don’t covet it or turn it into an idol. To them, it’s simple. It’s just a matter of supply and demand. If someone has a need that they can help fill, they want to do it. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

I have to admit, giving freely hasn’t always come naturally for me. Thankfully, God allowed me to be married to a generous and giving man. In turn, by his example, he teaches our children to give joyfully.

In the end, it’s all about believing Who the money belongs to anyway. And there comes a joy in the giving. It becomes an opportunity for us to live out what Jesus himself said:

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” ~Acts 20:35      

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