03 June 2014

Around the World {this summer!}

Around the World 005

We have 12 countries to visit this summer: Austria, Korea, Cambodia, Japan, Norway, Tibet, Mexico, Spain, India, Nigeria, Peru and Poland.

The girls have been enjoying this colorful new sticker book!


Around the world 016

This is what a page looks like before the stickers are applied. The people of Tibet in their “underwear.”


Around the world 022

They even have Korea!


Around the World 002

In Japan, the bride and groom are ready to get married now.


Around the World 003

The sticker book also includes a world map. We’ve gone a bit further with the activity and turned it into a geography, art, and presentation lesson.


Around the World 004

Once the girls are finished with the sticker part of it, we find the country on the globe. We then read a few interesting facts about the country. From these facts, the girls create a presentation page with pictures.


Around the World 001

Faith’s Austria page: Red skirts made of wool, folk festivals, oldest restaurant, the national flag, and Beethoven.

Later, when daddy comes home, the girls get up and give us a presentation. I love how they get to practice their speaking skills. In order to change the culture around us, the future needs better communicators. 

In order to train up world changers, I think it’s important to get out of our bubbles and learn about the people and the world around us. And if we can’t actually travel to experience the world at large, we can at least familiarize ourselves with the fact that there is a great big world out there, outside of our own.

This activity encompasses some of the girls’ favorite things… stickers, fashion, drawing, and learning.

Fun summer travels!

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