10 March 2014

Johnson Valley Race Weekend

Bike Race 002

Daddy’s bike.


Bike Race 003

The girls were happy to climb and explore.


Bike Race 004

There they are.


Bike Race 007

Uncle Ben brought his trailer (aka: home base for the next two nights).


Bike Race 008

By the next morning, there were hundreds of people camped all over the desert valley for the race but for now, we had a private oasis.


Bike Race 010


Bike Race 013

Beautiful desert scenery.


Bike Race 017


Bike Race 025


Bike Race 028


Bike Race 033


Bike Race 037

The girls were quite comfy in their bunks.


Bike Race 039

Another gorgeous sunset.


Bike Race 042

Playing Pass the Ace.


Bike Race 049

Race Day!!


Bike Race 055

Our friends, the Blodgett’s arrive with their toys!


Bike Race 057

The kids had a blast riding their Go-Kart.


Bike Race 059


Bike Race 066


Bike Race 074


Bike Race 058

Ben & Morgan, ready to race.


Bike Race 079

Their brotherly love and bond runs deep. Good luck, guys!


Bike Race 082

We were perched on a large rock, eager for the race to start. See all the racers lined up in the middle?


Bike Race 084

Next, we heard the engines and saw the dust clouds forming.


Bike Race 085

Here they come, down the bomb (the middle)!!


Bike Race 086

Within seconds, we saw Morgan leading the pack (far left). At this point, we were so excited and screaming. As you can see, functioning the camera became difficult. :)

Thankfully, the Blodgett’s we were able to get some video!  


Bike Race 088

There’s Uncle Ben!


Bike Race 108

After about 40 miles, the race was complete! Morgan placed 1st and Ben placed 2nd in their class!! Well done, guys!!


Bike Race 109A

Of course, I didn’t care what place they took. I was just thankful to the Lord for protecting them!


Bike Race 111

Ok, now I can relax and play, too. Learning the ATV ropes.


Bike Race 119

It’s sort of like riding a jet ski, on dirt. Fun!!


Bike Race 120

Faith in the driver’s seat… Watch out!!


Bike Race 110

I haven’t written much about Morgan’s hobby here on the blog but this weekend, the girls and I were able to join him, as he and his brother competed in their first race (in over 35 years). They grew up riding and racing dirt bikes in the CA desert but it’s been a LONG while since they went full throttle!  

Over the last year or so, they’ve gotten back into it and it’s been fun to see their boyish enthusiasm grow with each new ride. However, competing at their age wasn’t something I was anticipating. Now I know what their mother must have felt like every time they went out riding as kids! Ha!

Off road vehicles and weekend warrioring is a whole new world for this city/beach girl.

And something tells me, this is only the beginning. :)

Praise the Lord for keeping them safe and congrats to our men!     

Dual Euro JV 3-8-14

Daddy in action! 

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