06 March 2014

Happy Adoption/Gotcha Day!

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Our lovelies are so beautiful!


Adoption Day 002

Daddy was away on business and rang the door bell to greet his sweeties with balloons. What a good daddy.:)


Adoption Day 003

It’s super cute. They get embarrassed and giddy whenever they’re sung to or become the center of attention.


Adoption Day 005

Silliness ensues!


Adoption Day 006

It’s been 7 years since we brought them home!


Adoption Day 007

Grandma & Grandpa brought over a delicious ice cream cake to celebrate! What a treat!!


Adoption Day 009

We capped off the evening by watching the first video we ever received of them. Here they are at 7 months old. My chunky monkeys!

With the big birthday party we have planned in a few weeks, we kept Adoption Day pretty simple this year. We celebrated at home with a special dinner which included, by request: Perfect Pot Roast and Mac & Cheese. Talk about comfort food! :)

How can words really express the day we became a family? It’s a beautiful story. One we re-tell often. And now, it’s special to hear the girls, as they re-tell it, too. It’s funny. They don’t forget to leave out any of the details, either. Like how the snow began to fall that winter afternoon in Seoul as we bundled them up in our arms and became a forever family.

Happy Adoption Day, girls! Mommy and daddy are so blessed to be your parents! 

We thank the Lord for you both and we will forever remember this day with such joy and thankfulness.  

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