14 March 2014

Friday Phone Photos

Welcome to the first edition of Friday Phone Photos. I got a new phone about a month ago and my only requirement was that it would take better pictures than my last one. I will be posting my favorite cell phone photos from the week here (although I can’t always promise it will happen on a Friday). It just happens to be Friday today so I went with the name! :) This first edition of FPP’s includes about 3 weeks of photos, some of which I’ve already shared on Instagram.  

photo (7)

Bubble love.


photo (22)

Southern Belles.


photo (19)

Free labor.


photo (24)

Darn Pinterest.


photo (26)

Spring Jewelry.


photo (20)

Almost home.


photo (23)

Sunset badminton.


photo (21)

Double helping.


photo (18)

80’s puffs.


photo (17)

Weekly verse.


photo (27)

Crazy Good.

Happy Friday, friends!

Go make some sweet memories this weekend.

And don’t forget to snap a few photos along the way.

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