13 October 2013

Ladder Canyon Hike

Ladder Canyon 006

Ready to go climb a mountain!


Ladder Canyon 010

We thought this looked like the profile of a man’s face.


Ladder Canyon 018


Ladder Canyon 025

The first arrow points up into the canyon.


Ladder Canyon 030


Ladder Canyon 033


Ladder Canyon 035

Our great little climbers.


Ladder Canyon 042

Lots of narrow passageways.


Ladder Canyon 044

Snack break.


Ladder Canyon 046


Ladder Canyon 050


Ladder Canyon 054

We made it to the top! That’s the Salton Sea in the background.


Ladder Canyon 056

Sisterly love.


Ladder Canyon 059

Another arrow says we should go THAT way.


Ladder Canyon 060


Ladder Canyon 065

Amazing walls of sandstone!


Ladder Canyon 069

The kids were out in front of us most of the way down.


Ladder Canyon 073

One of the last ladders on the way down. 


Ladder Canyon 077

Whew!! We made it!!


Ladder Canyon 079

Refueling at Del Taco.

The cooler weather means hiking season has returned for our family. Such a fun way to get out and enjoy the outdoors together, while getting in some exercise, too. We did this hike for the first time at the beginning of the year and loved it. However, we only made it about 2 miles in before turning back. This time, we hiked the entire loop, which was about 5 miles. This was the longest hike the girls have ever been on (it took us 3 hours to complete) and they did GREAT! They continue to surprise us with their sense of adventure, determination and encouragement. So proud of them!

The beauty of the canyon is something to behold. The Painted Hills/Ladder Canyon Hike is a bit unique because of its narrow and dark passageways, towering sandstones, big boulders and ladders to climb, colorful rock formations, and expansive views of the Salton Sea from the top.

Basically, it involves ADVENTURE!!

We think it’s one of the best and most unique hikes around!

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