13 October 2013

Church BBQ, Potluck, & Baptisms



Garden Potluck 010

Weston, Grace, Faith and Jacob.


Garden Potluck 013

Annabelle, Elizabeth, & Faith.



Our friend, Keegan getting baptized by Pastor Steve & Pastor Brian.





Yay, Keegan!! Praise the Lord!!


Garden Potluck 027

Several kids got baptized as well!


Garden Potluck 021

The girls and their friends had a front row seat to witness all the baptisms.


Garden Potluck 025

Sweet worship by the pool.


Garden Potluck 030

Let the BBQ begin!


Garden Potluck 031

Buddies… Brandon, Morgan and Ben.


Garden Potluck 033

Grace having a blast.


Garden Potluck 034

We attended our first BBQ and potluck with our new church family this afternoon and it was such a sweet time of fellowship together! We gathered at Jordan Outreach Ministries where the facilities were perfect for our growing church body. The kids had so much fun and had plenty of space to play and run around.

I know this may be a trivial side note but I’ve always wanted to attend a church that has regular potlucks and times of corporate fellowship. I’ve always imagined how wonderful this would be!

Well, today did NOT disappoint. 

Thank you, Jesus! What a blessed time it was, indeed!!

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