11 October 2013

Friday Fab Five


It’s hard to make brussels sprouts look appetizing on camera but I can assure you, they are scrumptious in real life!! Well, to me anyway. The rest of my family could care less if they ever saw theses mini cabbages again. I’ve been polishing off gigantic bags full over the last couple of months. You know, the huge bags from Costco. Strangely, it’s the only vegetable I enjoy with a little coconut oil. I love ‘em sauteed, steamed or roasted. I love ‘em as a snack or tossed in my scrambled eggs in the morning. Ooh, maybe my family would enjoy them with bacon?? Nah, probably not.


Glimpses of Grace

I just started reading this book and already, I know I’m going to love it. It’s all about finding the gospel in the mundane tasks of life. She writes in a simple, engaging way but it’s also deep theology. Right up my alley, I’d say. Stay tuned…


Dear North American Church

I read this on Ann Voskamp’s blog earlier this week and I can’t get it out of my head. Scot McKnight (Northern Seminary) writes a letter about What’s Missing in the North American Church. Every Christian should read this. This summer, after 7 years, the Lord led us to a new church. We feel very blessed to be a part of a church that equips the saints by uncompromisingly teaching God’s Word. The bible so alive and powerful, it stands on its own.



Well, it’s been about a month since I decided to take a break from Facebook. I marvel at how much more productive I’ve been each week! Not to mention the freed up brain space I’ve accumulated to focus on things of actual worth. At this rate, there’s no telling when I’ll be back. ;)


Misc. October 026

Lastly, I got inspired to make some new flower headbands for the girls today. Amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t waste time on things like Facebook. LOL!

Happy (Long) Weekend!!

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