04 September 2013

End of Summer Beach Camping!

Carlsbad Camping 081

Overcast but warm on the first day. The girls are always excited about the beach.



Carlsbad Camping 102


floppy hat

Playing peekaboo with the sun and my floppy. Sadly, the sun and my face don’t get along. 


Carlsbad Camping 106

Our camp site is right up there.


Carlsbad Camping 120

This girl loves to write her name in cursive.


Carlsbad Camping 117

Sanding her board.


Carlsbad Camping 122

Love this action shot. It makes me happy.


Carlsbad Camping 127

Summers are truly endless here in SoCal.


Carlsbad Camping 137

Got sand??


Carlsbad Camping 140

After trying many camping recipes, this is the kids’ favorite…Tacos in a bag! Hubby loves it, too. 


Carlsbad Camping 141

1. They get to splurge on chips (some are crushed inside and others are for scooping).

2. The clean up is super easy!


Carlsbad Camping 148

Mama enjoyed her taco soup… Although it sure wasn’t cold enough for soup! 


Carlsbad Camping 154

Well, hello there summer sunset…. we never get tired of seeing you.


Carlsbad Camping 159

The gorgeous ocean view from our spot.


Carlsbad Camping 168


Carlsbad Camping 173

It’s not camping without smores……. So I’m told. Smile


Carlsbad Camping 181


Carlsbad Camping 184

Look at that beautiful face. I could kiss it all over... Oh wait, I do… EVERYDAY!!


Carlsbad Camping 186

Such a big and lovely girl she’s turning into.


Carlsbad Camping 187

Not a bad way to end the day.


Carlsbad Camping 193

Eek!! We have two spooky bears in our tent!!


Carlsbad Camping 204

I had to laugh at this picture. We asked the girls to go in the tent and unzip all the “windows” for fresh air. Only a girl would make gigantic bows out of the “drapery”.


Carlsbad Camping 211

Another camping tradition… hot chocolate in the morning.



Good Morning, So Cal Coast!!


Carlsbad Camping 213

Ready to walk and explore.


Carlsbad Camping 215


Carlsbad Camping 222




Carlsbad Camping 234


Carlsbad Camping 238


Carlsbad Camping 239

We managed to squeeze in a quick camping trip to South Carlsbad State Beach this weekend. This was our second year at this location and we keep coming back for the AMAZING ocean views. Well, that and the CLEANEST campground facilities a girl could ask for. The bathrooms have flush toilets, mirrors, nice showers, and an electric outlet, y’all!

Normally, flush toilets would be a luxury in and of itself, but it’s also wonderful to be able to get cleaned up after a fun (and very sandy) day at the beach! I was especially grateful for this because we had our final adoption interview the next day. It worked out great that we could camp only a few minutes away from our adoption agency. Thank you, LORD!

YAY for making new camping memories and YAY for moving right along in our adoption process!

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