17 August 2013

Zion National Park

CO & Zion 101

Saved the best for last? Perhaps…


CO & Zion 110


CO & Zion 116


CO & Zion 117


CO & Zion 118


CO & Zion 123


CO & Zion 134

Saw lots of squirrels along our hike.


CO & Zion 138

The Narrows.


CO & Zion 143


CO & Zion 146


CO & Zion 149


CO & Zion 154


CO & Zion 155


CO & Zion 157


CO & Zion 159


CO & Zion 165


CO & Zion 183


CO & Zion 187

Cute little thing.


CO & Zion 204


CO & Zion 223

We started making our way back from Colorado and hit Zion on the way back. Zion is Utah’s first National Park. This is where ancient native people and pioneers walked. There are natural sandstone cliffs in cream, pink, and red that soar into the brilliant blue sky.

We wanted to make it back home in 3 days so unfortunately, we couldn’t stay here all day. We had to pick just one hike for the day so we chose to test our adventure skills on The Narrows.    

Hiking the Narrows means hiking in the Virgin River. At least 60 percent of this hike is spent wading, walking, and sometimes swimming in the river. There is no maintained trail because the route is the river. The current is sometimes swift, the water is cold, and the rocks underfoot are slippery.
They say flash flooding and hypothermia are constant dangers. Thankfully, the sun and summer were on our side.

I must say, it got a little dicey at times with the slippery rocks underfoot (and two little ones in tow) but the girls absolutely LOVED this adventure. They didn’t mind getting wet and wanted to stay ALL DAY.

We only covered a small fraction of Zion and I could easily see us returning to spend a long weekend here. Someday.

Funny, after driving all the way to Colorado, Utah doesn’t seem that far away.

We drove through 5 states and visited 5 Nat’l Parks. We saw all kinds of incredibly beautiful scenery and learned more about the American West. We spent some wonderful time with friends in their gorgeous home and Morgan got some business done as well. We put over 2,700 miles on the minivan and shared some fantastic memories as a family.

I’ve decided to make our summer vacations into photo books for the girls and wrap them up as Christmas presents. By that time, they’ll get to open up their gifts and relive the memories, all over again.

Glory to God for keeping us safe and giving us this opportunity to travel, to wander, to explore, and to see… What a road trip!      

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