16 August 2013


Arches 129

The girls had plenty of games to keep them busy at the Lundeen’s house.


Arches 132

We started our first morning in Colorado off with a  hike to the Monument.


Arches 136


Arches 137


Arches 140

Monument, CO.


Arches 151


Arches 153


GOG 002

The girls got over their initial fear of this guy pretty quickly. By the second day, they had named him “Angel Smokey”. He was part of the wildlife décor at the Lundeen’s home in Monument.


GOG 025

We got to visit Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs. So neat! 


GOG 010


GOG 013



GOG 036

Enjoying a fabulous grilled dinner on the Lundeen’s back deck.


GOG 037

Our gracious hosts, Paul & Connie.


GOG 041

The men, talking business…


GOG 050

A beautiful day to visit Garden of the Gods.


GOG 052


GOG 067

The Amazing Balanced Rock.


GOG 069


GOG 077

Our whole crew, The Rinkers and Lundeens.


GOG 088

Helen Hunt Falls.


CO & Zion 014

The Lundeen’s had a nearby park the kids could walk to.


CO & Zion 023


CO & Zion 033


CO & Zion 035


CO & Zion 036


CO & Zion 038

The girls learned how to play chess.


CO & Zion 043

We also made a trip to downtown Denver for the day and rode the shuttle bus.


CO & Zion 051

Stopped in to visit the U.S. Mint and saw how coins were made.


CO & Zion 055


CO & Zion 058


CO & Zion 076

Wearing Paul’s sweatshirt (and shoes) after watching a thunder and lightning storm outside.


CO & Zion 078

The frogs were happy to tag along on yet another family trip.

This vacation was partly a family road trip but also, part business for Morgan. Our final destination was Monument, Colorado where Paul, Morgan’s business partner lives with his wife, Connie. Laine and Kellii (also friends and business partners) were staying with the Lundeen’s as well. Although their home is in a golf course community, it looks and feels more like a prairie. Our accommodations were exceptional and the hospitality was nothing short of amazing. We stayed for the better part of a week and during that time, we experienced much cooler than normal weather (even for Colorado). Consequently, on a couple of days, we even got some rain.

What a difference from what we were used to!

The altitude was something else we had to get used to. It took a couple of days for us to get adjusted but with some extra hours napping, we felt rested in no time. The girls had plenty to do and enjoyed each day greatly. All in all, we shared a wonderful week of fellowship (and business) with our sweet friends. Colorado is definitely beautiful and a perfect place for those who share a love for adventure and the great outdoors!

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