03 March 2017

Happy (early) Adoption Day, Faith & Grace!

TEN years ago.
The day we met Faith & Grace for the first time!

Today, my heart is a bit more tender and all kinds of full. If you only knew how nervous and excited we were to meet you, girls! A day we will never ever forget.

In honor of this special ten year anniversary, we had planned to go to Disneyland to celebrate as a family. However, the night before, our plans changed and it was beyond our control. Instead of being disappointed, the girls quickly turned the situation into a positive. They decided to stay local and began to think of other fun ways we could celebrate this special day. To say that I was proud of them would be an understatement. Here I was, thinking it might be tough a lesson in overcoming disappointments when in fact, they let things roll off their backs, readjusted their sails, and regardless of the circumstances, still decided to CHOOSE JOY.

Thank you, Lord for the gift of these precious, sweet, mature girls that bless us to no end!! 

We started the day by taking them out to breakfast for their favorite: Pancakes at Goody's!

The girls wanted to use their Christmas money to buy some earrings at Claire's and they've been asking me to take them to the mall for some time now so we did that, too.
(This little cutie had a blast running around the mall).

Next, we went to the new Get Air Trampoline Park.

Fun in the foam pits.

Testing their paddle boarding skills.

Wobbly ladder.

Helping daddy out.

Stacking blocks.

Ninja Warrior Course complete!

We had a blast!! We ended the day with frozen yogurt, lots of sweet memories, and exhausted sore bodies!

We typically celebrate Adoption Day on March 6th, which is this Monday, but for most of the day, we'll be at Loma Linda for Zach's semi-annual eye appointment.

I told the girls I'd make them a special dinner that night and per their request, we're having baked potatoes, kale salad, and strawberry cheesecake. Well, OK then! 😊 

These two have blessed our lives in the best way possible. They are incredibly SPECIAL girls. Both unique with different strengths but clearly, TWO are better than one. #sisterhood #twins

We love them so much and thank God everyday for the privilege being their parents.

On days like today (and the girls' birthday), I also pause to remember the girls' birth mom. She made the courageous decision to give her babies life and in turn, her loving sacrifice changed the course of history for us all. I pray the Lord would be gracious to her and pour His abundant blessings onto her life (just as He has mine). Most of all, I pray she would know Him as her own personal Lord and Savior. Maybe one day, I'll have an opportunity to thank her. If not in this life, then the next. #nothingbutlove #grateful

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