07 February 2017

Seaport Village

The next day, we checked out of our hotel and headed to Seaport Village.

Zach loved getting close to the birds on the pier.

We walked around and enjoyed all the little shops.

We watched the Navy ships go by.

It was a beautiful partly cloudy day.

One minute, Zach was trying to chase the birds on the grass and the next minute, he made a B-line
straight for the...


How sweet was this fire fighter?

My boy loves fire trucks!

He even let him move up to the front seat and play around.

I told him how Zach loves danger and seems to run to it.
He said, "Well, he'll make a good fire fighter some day."
Just like Grandpa. 😄

Thank you to SDFD for making my boy's day!

He wanted to sit on the cow bench.

Playing with his sisters' hair.

We had to do the carousel ride.


The girls can never pass up clam chowder in a bread bowl.

Always nice to be by the water's edge.

After a couple of hours, daddy's conference was over so he walked over and met us here. Originally, the plan was to stay another night, outside of downtown but after two nights of interrupted sleep, we were all kind of ready to go back home.

Someone discovered how to climb out of his pack n play. 😂

I guess we should be happy he hasn't climbed out of his crib yet. Although we know it's only a matter of time. It's not as if he couldn't. I found him straddling the top of it the other morning. Sigh.

So we cut our trip short by a day but it gave us plenty of time to get home and enjoy a full weekend. Which by the way, it was just beautiful in the desert! We went to the library, played at the park, did all the laundry and grocery shopping, we went to church, and got some good sleep! We love traveling with our kids but the comforts of home are never more fully appreciated than when you have a toddler in tow. 😜

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