19 February 2017

Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival

 First thing's first. The girls were so excited to check out the Junior Exhibit Hall to see if their artwork won anything. Yay! First & second place! Good job, girls!

Faith's cat was also submitted and won second place.


My big girls.

 This is by far, the best ride at the fair. Too bad Zach was too small for it. Soon, buddy!

  More his speed anyway.


Love them.

His first Ferris Wheel.

The gang's all here!

Fun house with sissies.

Love my men!

 He rode the "ATV" 4 times.

Our hometown fair has arrived and we pretty much conquered it in one day. We took advantage of free-admission on the first day so we could instead, spend our money on unlimited rides for the kids. The weather was kind of crazy. It was cloudy, windy, dusty, and cold... but unlike most years, thankfully, it wasn't brutally HOT! We had a great time and came home thoroughly exhausted.

We love our family tradition of going to the fair!

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