01 January 2017

Take a hike

Plotting out our trail.

Headed to the McCallum Pond.

We loved all the bridges and the shade of the old palm tree grove.

Our littlest explorer.

Zach would stop to pick up handfuls of dirt every two feet so sometimes, he had to be "encouraged" to move along.

Leading the way.

Isn't this just the sweetest picture?

Love these three kiddos.

A successful family selfie by the pond.


Zach trying out some hiking poles.

The view is always better when you look up.

Not all who wander are lost.

A family who hikes together, stays together.

Zach gets a lift.

We spent the last day of 2016 hiking the Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve. It was a beautiful morning to get out and explore. Winter in the desert is really the perfect time of year to hike and enjoy the outdoors.

Last week, we hiked the Bump 'n Grind and it was the first time I've ever used one of these: 

 My friend, Sarah passed along her son's old "safety harness." Don't judge.
A five year old kid came up to me and asked,"Why is your son on a leash?" 😭😭 

When you have a kid who is both super curious and has no fear, the safety harness just gives this mama peace of mind. Especially when we're climbing a mountain!

 Or walking along the narrower edge.

 Stopped for a snack.

 He actually liked wearing his "backpack."

 More hikes equals more practice. Soon he won't need to be carried at all.

Hiking is something we've always enjoyed as a family and now that Zach can walk along with us, we hope to take advantage of the weather and do as many hikes as we can before summer hits!

Here's to many more adventures with my favorite people in 2017!

Happy New Year!

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