10 January 2017

Staying in Love Requires a Plan

Isn't he cute?

One of my biggest priorities this year is to date my husband. Last year, we only had 2 dates. Two. Pretty pathetic, right? Partly, it was because Grandma passed away and she was the ONLY person who had ever babysat for us. And then life just got hectic. Days turned into months and the months just kept passing us by. A new normal started to form.

Also, truth be told, I was always nervous about leaving Zach. At this point, he's way past any eating or sleeping issues but being the baby, we were always there to put him to sleep at night. It's a hard habit to break. But you know what? It needed to be done. He'll survive if we're not there one night.

For the last two years, it feels like we've been in "survival mode." And you know what? I'm tired of surviving. It's now time to thrive. I didn't want to wake up 15 years later and wonder, "What ever happened to my close and strong marriage?" I read recently, "Falling in love is easy, staying in love requires a plan."
In other words, love for the long haul doesn't just happen, it takes intentional effort.

Our goal this year is to have one date night a month. I think that's very doable. Plus, we've been blessed with a fantastic babysitter! She's the teenage daughter of one of my girlfriends and we absolutely loved her even before she became our go-to babysitter. Friends, she's incredibly fun, responsible, and conscientious. She brought cookie dough to bake with the girls as well as fun crafts for them to do together. Here's the bonus: my house was even CLEAN when I came home! I'm talking every dish washed in the kitchen and everything picked up around the house, too! (I would've been happy if my house didn't burn down and all my kids were still alive.) 😜 Now I seriously have no excuse not to go on more dates with my husband! 😊

And guess what? Zach survived the night without us, too. I had one of his sisters put him to sleep at night since on occasion, they do that for me during the daytime anyway. They said he kept asking for us but eventually, he fell asleep. Hallelujah. 

Gracie, our babysitter, sent me this cute picture of the girls baking cookies. They all had a blast!

Can I confess something? Morgan and I were kind of out of practice in the dating department. Go figure. But hey, that's OK! We've got at least 11 more dates to look forward to this year. #practicemakesperfect 

Here's to learning how to date your mate again in 2017!

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