06 January 2017

15 Things About Zachary

My baby is 2 and a half years old today! That's 30 months. Although, sadly, we don't count his age in months anymore, do we? This post is all about Zachary because I remember when the girls were little, I'd do these random posts about their development and what kinds of things they were into at the time. At this point, life can easily get away from us and since he's the baby, I didn't want to look back and say, "Where's all the info on Zach when he was little?" Lol. Plus, he's changing so much these days.

Here's a snap shot into his world.

1. He's a picky eater but he's getting better. He still doesn't care for eating raw veggies. Thankfully, he likes them pureed and eats any kind that way. He does, however, eat whole fruit. His favorites are bananas, pears, strawberries, and grapes. As for food, this kid could solely live on peanut butter, tuna, pizza, corn dogs, and chicken nuggets.

2. He absolutely LOVES being outside and if it were up to him, he'd be outside ALL DAY LONG. And no, weather does not deter him. It doesn't matter if it's 40 degrees or 110. He still wants to play outside or go in the pool!

5. The only vegetable he's crazy about is avocado (wait, or is that a fruit?). Anyhow, he could eat his weight in guacamole. He also enjoys some plain avocado as a snack almost every single day.

6. His current obsession: Taking off his pants. Sigh... Or sticking his hand down his crotch. BOYS!!

7. He knows all his shapes, letters, and numbers 0-10. He also knows how to spell his name...Z A C H.

8.  He's showing major signs of wanting to be potty-trained. I thought I'd wait and try when he turns 3 but he's definitely interested now. He loves to read his potty books and in fact, he's told us many times when he's gone #2. It's just... I'm not sure I'm ready yet! 😜

9. He loves to spend time coloring and drawing every day. He's learning how to hold a crayon and he's quite proud of himself that he can write the letter Z all on his own.

10. He's going to be really surprised one day when he grows up and realizes that the correct line in the song, "Patty Cake, Patty Cake" is not actually "Mark it with a Z" but in fact, "Mark it with a B." #ohwell

11. He's loud and rough but he's also the sweetest and most loveable kid. He still cuddles with me at night before bedtime and I'm soaking it all in because I know he won't do that forever. #weloveallthesmooches

Grace is so good with him. She's an awesome big sister and going to make a fantastic mommy one day!

12. By far, Zach's favorite person in the whole world is his daddy (join the club, buddy). I'm definitely #2 when daddy is home and that's ok. 😄

13. Zach is all boy. He loves balls, kicking, running, being chased, trains, cars, trucks, streets, airplanes, dogs, and basically, anything with wheels.

He adores his afternoon golf cart rides around the neighborhood.


Playing with his mini train set.

14. He also loves his books and can't get enough reading in a day. Right now, his favorite book is, "Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site."

15. He loves to pray. He often prays out loud and thanks God for random things like streets and Mickey Mouse!!

To say that this boy is loved would be an understatement. He has rocked our world in the best possible way. He teaches me more about love, dying to myself, and how to live brave every single day. It's not easy sometimes, having a toddler in tow but he brings out the best in us, calls us to adventure, and reminds us to joyfully live in each moment.

God knew exactly what He was doing when He chose us to be Zach's forever family. He knew we needed him, just as much as he needed us. We couldn't be more blessed or thankful for this loving, healthy, passionate, and super adorable little boy!

Happy 30 months, son! 😄 You are loved beyond words! 

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