29 August 2016

Sea World

Family photo.

Flying Elmo: Zach's first ride!

Climbing with daddy.

Watching the dolphin show.

Touching the manta rays.

Shipwreck Rapids.

The girls went on it again by themselves.

He didn't know who the characters were but he still enjoyed them!

At least he didn't cry!

Stopped for a side hug.

He's drawn to his love for flags.

My pink ladies.

Journey to Atlantis: This was Grace's favorite ride.

She went on it FOUR times!

Strolling in style.

My little waddler.

Tea cups!

Thanks for a great day, Sea World!

We spent the last few days in San Diego where we took advantage of the fact that Zach was still 2 (and therefore, FREE) at Sea World. It's been YEARS since we've been there. It ended up being perfect because the girls got to ride some of the bigger roller coaster type rides that they were always too small for in the past and Zach got his first taste of the kiddie rides. There was something for everyone and the weather was FANTASTIC! Cool in the morning and sunny later on. Plus, with most of the kids back in school now, there were no lines. Hooray!

Funny, unlike their personalities, we learned that Grace really enjoyed the thrill of the roller coasters while Faith only went on to oblige Grace's begging. Faith said she'd be quite happy hanging out with Zach on the kiddie rides. It'll be interesting to see if their preferences change as they grow into their teenage years. Did I say, "TEENAGE YEARS?"
Oh, my! It's right around the corner, isn't it??!! :)

Considering Zach walked for much of day (without a nap) and the fact that we NOT lose him at anytime... I'd say the day was a SUCCESS!

So grateful for the opportunity to spend this quality time with my family and make some fun new memories together.

And God bless my husband who has more strength and energy than anyone I know! He's one amazing daddy. He can easily hang with most 30 and 40 year old's and even though he's 8 years older than me, he keeps us me young!

So happy he's mine. :) 

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