21 June 2016

Happy Father's Day, my love!

Can you feel the love for this man in this photo?

Homemade cards, small gifts, and a little boy who never wants to leave his side.

Father and son watching the U.S. Open.

Dinner at daddy's favorite place: Dickey's BBQ Pit.

Nearly 15 years ago when I married Morgan, I knew he was going to be a good dad but I had no idea he was going to be a GREAT dad for our kids.

Father's Day is a time when we as a family can affirm him, praise him, and show him our gratitude for all the ways he lovingly takes care of us.

Morgan is the most hard-working, responsible, kind-hearted, compassionate, and selfless man we know. So the fact that he's ours is kind of a big deal.

"Undeserved" is the word that best comes to mind when I think of him. But then again, all of God's greatest gifts are that way, aren't they?

Morgan is not a father because of blood but by love and choice, he empties himself in order to pour his heart into his children.

Faith summed it up well on Sunday. She said, "I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have such a great daddy!" Truly, he is his daughters' first love and his son's first hero.

Thank you, babe for loving us all so well and for being the greatest example of Jesus in our lives.

We love you and we thank God for you!

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