20 June 2016

Another surgery... mine

That's right, mine.

It's been on the calendar for months now and it finally happened last Wednesday.

Don't I just look peachy in my hospital garb? No make up, a lovely hair net, a sporty IV, and a cool new yellow bracelet labeled, "fall risk".

I thought about glazing over this part of my life and excluding it altogether but then, I wouldn't be able to give God glory.

Since turning 45 back in October, I began to have some dull pain in my lower abdomen area, particularly on my right side. After an ultrasound and a biopsy, it was determined that I had endometriosis. I also had a large cyst on my right ovary that was causing me some pain.

But then, after that initial visit to the doctor, I went almost 6 months without feeling any pain at all. Still, my doctor recommended surgery but it wasn't necessarily an urgent case. Hence, never having had surgery of ANY kind, of course, I wanted to avoid it at all cost. However, in the end, I wanted to be smart about it, too.

So I got a second opinion, prayed, and finally decided that I'd rather get it taken care of now because honestly, life is too short and I'm only as young as I am today. I wanted to feel my best. Especially when I have a toddler to run after. By the grace of God, He allowed me to make it to my surgery date without emergency or complication (which I purposely scheduled after the girls got out of school).

I'd be lying if I said I didn't have some anxiety leading up to this day. It may sound silly to some but I really had to battle Satan and his whispers which are often filled with fear, uncertainty, and lies.

Perhaps that's why I chose to include this piece of my story here today. It's yet another example of how the Word of God can help us slay the Enemy, give us peace, and calm our fears. God so often uses trials in our life to draw us closer to Him. Instead of relying on Him daily, I need Him moment by moment. Experiencing physical pain can do that to you- it's a great reminder that He provides tender mercies and daily grace.

By the time surgery came up, I was still a little anxious but I also had peace. I knew that even though I didn't know what to expect (isn't that half the battle?) that God knew what He was doing and He was in full control.

Let's be real. Hospitals suck. Being a patient is no picnic. And anesthesia is awful.

Watching Zach go through his surgery last month helped prepare me for what to expect and actually gave me courage to face mine. Thank you, son. Another gift.

I'm happy to say that my surgery went as planned and nothing eventful happened. Well, unless you count that nurse who was wheeling me into the OR while telling me she thought my husband was really cute and he was just her type. Huh? I know I'm about to go under but back off, lady. :)

I'm so thankful to my mom who came and stayed with us for a few days to help out. I'm super proud of the girls for stepping up and taking care of Zach so well. And I'm grateful to Morgan, my rock, who snapped this lovely photo of me, and took off the rest of the week to stay home and take care of us all.  

Also, to my sweet girlfriends who brought us dinner every night. Love you, girls!

Praise the Lord, each day, I'm feeling better and stronger. By Sunday, I was able to go to church and even out to dinner to celebrate Morgan for Father's Day.

God is good, friends.

He not only continues to write my story, He lovingly refines me through it all. My hope is in Him alone. By faith, I'm going to continue to believe in His promises and the complete healing and restoration He has for me.

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