01 May 2016

California Mission Project

Daddy was the main architect.

Faith loves to paint.

We used foam board to make the mission walls.

This was my dining room table for about 3 weeks.

The small church was also made out of foam board and painted to look like rustic wood.

Faith's Mission Santa Barbara.

Grace's Mission San Rafael Arcangel.

The cemetery and entrance to the church.

They were so proud to take them to school.

Does this bring back memories or what? The California Mission Project almost seems like a right of passage for most 4th graders in the state of California. I remember making mine out of sugar cubes and popsicle sticks. :)

Thankfully, this was encouraged to be a family project. I helped the girls with all the components of writing and presenting their report while daddy focused on the design of the mission itself.

Together, we spent countless hours (and the better part of 2 weekends) on this project. It was ALOT of work but in the end, it was a wonderful experience for the girls and they did GREAT.

So proud of them!

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