09 February 2016

All about Zachary


I always thought if we ever had another daughter, we might name her Joy. Well, the Lord, in His great faithfulness and providence, gave us a SON and that son has brought us more JOY in his short little life than we could ever imagine.

Zachary is one happy kid.

In fact, he wakes up with a smile on his face!

He's a VERY active 19 month old toddler who's happiest when he's outside, kicking a ball, or running around at the park.

He unequivocally loves his mama and he adores his daddy. When daddy is home, he's pretty much his little shadow. He enjoys "fixing" things with dad, hanging out with him in the garage, or going on bike rides together.

His hair: Yes, he has a lot of it. It can get crazy and it has a personality of its own. Yes, we know it's long. And yes, we will cut it!

Eventually. :) 

He likes to sit in your lap and lets you read to him for about 10 seconds. :)

He loves it when his sisters make him a fort or tunnel and they all get inside and play hide and seek or peek a boo.

By God's grace, Zach has overcome many challenges already. He's eating MUCH better than he used to. He's CRAZY about peanut butter (just like his sisters) and his favorite snack right now is graham crackers and goldfish.

He's become much better at wearing his eye patch for 2 hours a day but he still hates to wear his glasses. He immediately flings them off. So far, his glasses have been stepped on, lost at the store, and ran over by a car. :(

He's a kid who doesn't require a lot of sleep. He takes one solid nap a day from about 1:00-2:30. Thank goodness, he's sleeping MUCH better at night, too (Hallelujah!). He goes to bed around 7:30 or 8:00 and wakes up between 7-7:30.

Zachary is also playful, adventurous, passionate, and even has a cute sense of humor.

He loves to laugh, giggle, be tickled, and chased.

This kid is ALL BOY.

He's very determined and likes to live on the edge.

He's constantly pushing limits and scaring his mama half out of her wits. He's bent toward dare devil type stuff and hasn't yet realized there could be serious consequences to "going for it." We've already experienced lots of blood (and a chipped tooth) but praise the Lord, no trips to the ER... yet!

Morgan thinks he'll be perfect for motorcross in the future. ;)

He really enjoys being around other children but he can happily play by himself, too.

He gives the greatest bear hugs and the sloppiest wet kisses.

He loves music, singing, and dogs!

Zach brings so much more love and joy to our family and everyday we feel forever blessed to call him ours.

He is a living testament to the FAITHFULNESS and GOODNESS of God.

A son. What a gift!

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