02 January 2016

Candy Cane Lane: the late version

We didn't have time to go to Candy Cane Lane BEFORE Christmas like we always do but we still managed to make it... On New Year's Eve!

 Zach watching the elves working. And YES, those are socks on his hands. :) Brrrrrr!!! 

 Happy as a clam.

 Strolling with daddy.

 Playing with sis.

Our two snowballs.

 Better late than never!

 He loves his daddy.

Boys in blue.

Greatest kids ever!

Well, we made it to Candy Cane Lane. It's a tradition, after all! :)
Although the kids loved it, Morgan and I both agreed that it wasn't the same AFTER Christmas. That festive feeling was missing and some of the houses didn't have their lights on anymore.

Oh well, it gave us something to look forward to with the kids on NYE.

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