30 December 2015

Christmas Morning

Good morning, sleepy head.

Daddy putting on the bracelet Grace made for Zach.

It's a tradition. :)

After stockings, the girls open the few remaining gifts from us. We like to give books and a couple of movies.

Zach likes all the bows.

Still learning the best way to get off the couch.

Faith is really interested in Bethany Hamilton and her books.

Grace is still crazy about Frozen.

Soul Surfer and American Girl.

A sweet morning indeed.

I love all the handmade gifts the girls come up with throughout this season. They've always been the sweetest when it comes to thinking of others and blessing us with whatever they can. 

Our precious Grace wrote a paper in school about what Christmas means to her.
Her teacher loved it and so do I. :)

I almost didn't send out Christmas cards this year but the week before Christmas, I managed to snap a photo of the kids in front of the tree and my gifted friend, Holly designed and whipped out cards for me in no time. I was even able to mail them out before Christmas with a little update of our family's year on the back.

No fuss, no stress, no planning or primping.
Just a picture of our THREE greatest gifts.
Thank you, JESUS!

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