14 December 2015

Awards Presentation

Faith made honor roll and Grace got the Fruit of the Spirit award for Peace.

Clapping for his sisters.

So proud of them both!

Well, the 1st quarter is well behind us now and the girls’ enthusiasm for school continues to this day. They had one full week off for Thanksgiving break and they were counting down the days until school resumed. Who does that?! ;)

Both of them have worked so hard this first quarter. They had a huge learning curve with A LOT to get used to. We are so very proud of them because they have risen to the challenge and their efforts have paid off.

Faith received straight A’s and 1 B to make the honor roll. School is truly fitting to someone like her. She adapts easily, learns quickly, and she is motivated by challenge, responsibility, and recognition. She’s also very outgoing and loves people so being around kids of all ages as well as adults, fuels her fire.
Grace, in many ways is opposite from Faith (other than the fact that she too, loves school). For Grace, school work doesn’t necessarily come easy for her. She really has to work hard at it. We are always inspired by her positive attitude, even when learning can sometimes be tough. She was only one grade/subject away from making the honor roll this quarter but of course, to us, we couldn’t be more proud of her. This month, Grace was recognized for having the Fruit of the Spirit of Peace. She plays well with others and doesn’t get involved in squabbles over whose turn it is or who did what. In fact, she gladly gives up her turn, just to make someone else feel better. She steers clear of disagreements and gently encourages friends to do the right thing. What a blessing for Grace to be recognized for her God given, amiable, kind, and peaceable spirit.

School has been a great experience in so many ways but perhaps what I enjoy seeing most about the girls is the fact that they are growing into their own unique person, apart from me. Of course, we knew they were already unique in their own ways but school has provided daily opportunities for them to develop confidence in their individual personalities and strengths. Plus, it gives them the freedom to make their own decisions and navigate life (as they know it) in their own way. It's been so interesting and rewarding to see them blossom, right before my eyes. 

Praise be to God!

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