12 October 2015

We have a TODDLER!

photo (5)

Playing Horsie with sissies.


photo 1 (6)

Running errands with mommy.


photo 1 (9)

Playing peek-a-boo under the kitchen table.



Love that messy face.


photo 2 (10)

Braving the cold pool with sissies.


photo 2 (11)

Sweet boy got his bangs trimmed. (I’m NOT counting that as his first haircut!)


photo 1 (10)

Now we can see his pretty blue eyes!



Lunch with Halmoni.


photo (6)

My two favorite guys.

Last week, there was one day in particular where I picked Zach up from his crib and all of a sudden, to me, he wasn’t a baby anymore. Just like that, he became a toddler.

Sure, he’s been wearing 2T and 3T sized clothes for a while now and yes, he’s already pushing 30 pounds but the change was more than just his size. It’s everything, really.

My baby is just plain growing up!

I know most moms would be sad about that but in reality, I’m actually quite happy about it. After having such a rough and slow start to life, it’s been amazing to see him make great strides.

He’s still got a long way to go in the solid food eating department but other than that, he’s a crawling machine. He’s even walking using furniture or anything he can hold on to.

Like most boys, he can’t sit still for more than a second. He easily whips off his glasses in a flash and he does this no less than 50 TIMES A DAY!! He also rips the eye patches off his face and we go through many of those in a day, just to make it to his minimum of 2 hours. He’s a curious little guy which can easily translate into accidents if he’s not being watched constantly. I’m surprised we haven’t been to the ER yet!

Even though he’s a ton of work, I’m so very thankful that he’s active, healthy, and happy.

When he’s not busy exploring, he gives me the greatest bear hugs and the best slobbery kisses ever. He loves his cuddles from mama and daddy is his hero.

As you can see from all the pictures, he must be our kid because he’s got the smiling part down for the camera. :)

I’m so in love with my sweet, rough and tumble, all boy TODDLER!!

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