19 October 2015

Birthday Lunch & Prayer

B-day 01

The iconic restaurant at Shield’s Date Garden.


B-day 07

I’ve been wanting to try the famous stuffed dates at Shield’s and they did NOT disappoint! They were stuffed with blue cheese, jalapeno, and prosciutto… then wrapped in BACON. Soooo delicious!

My sweet girlfriends brought balloons, flowers, and even yummy party favors to take home. Cute jars filled with Lemon Cake!!


B-day 03

My dear Jilly created those adorable lemon cake favors. She’s amazingly creative, a phenomenal baker, and best of all, a treasured friend.


B-day 04

Cheers! What’s this?? Date Shake Shots! Yes, please!


B-day 08

A beautiful new apron! 


B-day 13

My friends know me so well. They came bearing heartfelt gifts!


B-day 12

Can’t wait to dive into this book as well as my new devotional.


B-day 10

Karen, Hailey, and little Miss Sylvie.  Long time friends are the BEST!


B-day 11

Janette and Jill. These two are so special to me!


B-day 09

My planner and partner in all things food and party related… Melissa! Couldn’t ask for a better friend! 


B-day 05

What a lovely afternoon spent with these sweet sisters.

By His Sovereign grace, the Lord has blessed me with another year on this earth. In some ways, I can hardly believe I’m 45. Officially “middle-aged” according to the actuary tables. (I’m married to an Investment Advisor whose job it is to know these things). Ha! Lord willing, right?

Four and a half decades of living and you’d think I’d have life all figured out by now. All I know is that life doesn’t get any “easier” with age. A comfortable life sounds ideal but by now, we all know life is full of twists and turns and unknown circumstances. The goal, then, for me,  is not to arrive at a place of easy living but to reflect the refining work of Christ that is within me. And let me tell you, He’s still got a lot of refining to do.

In my younger years, WHO AM I seemed to be the prevailing question. These days, I’m clinging tightly to WHOSE I AM. The question at 45 is not WHAT will I do with my life but rather, HOW I will do what He’s given me to do. At 45, I no longer take things for granted. Not my family, my children, my friends, my health or time.

The Maker of the moon and the stars has ordained every breath here on earth and because of His divine purpose and good pleasure in me, I am not my own. I have been bought with a price. (1 Cor. 6:19-20)

Everything, He has provided. With a heart full of gratitude, may I spend the rest of my days honoring Him.

Lord, keep my focus on the prize and give me perseverance to run this race with my eyes wide open. Most of all, help me to steward what You’ve given me well and to shine a light for Your glory and praise.

Then, King David went in and sat before the Lord and said, “Who am I, O Lord God and what is my house, that You have brought me thus far?” –2 Samuel 7:18

Thank you, Lord for blessing me with 45 years.

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