11 September 2015


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Well, the girls survived their FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL and they’re still smiling! :) Praise the Lord! They loved it! To top it off, today was Snow Cone Day at school. Oh, what FUN!!
And by the grace of God, I survived one of the busiest weeks of my life! Between school, Back to School Night, doctor’s appointments for Zach, bible study starting (which I was NOT ready for), TKD, sewing, escrow closing TODAY, and oh… PACKING… I feel like I’ve lived enough life for one whole month! It certainly felt like that anyway. Especially since many of those appointments/commitments carried so much emotion for me. Well, maybe not the girls’ sewing lessons but for the most part, this week was the start to a lot of change. It was a great reminder that joy and confidence come, not when I rely on myself but when I abide and trust in God.
It was one of those weeks where I needed to rely on Him, moment by moment. He was always there, waiting and offering me peace. Whether it was through His word, a sweet friend taking time to encourage me, or a much desired but unexpected PRAISE report for Zach (Thank you, LORD!). I could also feel God on my morning runs where I could just breathe and look up, and sense the tiniest glimmer of a season, changing. Yes, He was there.
Next week looks much of the same for me. Except there will be homework and all the final packing will be taking place. Also, I’m sure there will be many visits to the new house (it’s only a mile away), as well as kitchen organizing, picture hanging, and maybe a much needed jump in the pool!
Whatever next week holds, I know God is in the details and He delights when my relationship with Him becomes very intimate. He loves it when He alone, is the Source of my peace, joy, and comfort.
Whatever challenges you’re facing today, tomorrow, or next week, let us remember to confidently go before the Throne and choose joy for the journey, in spite of our trials or circumstances.
He is with us. Hallelujah!

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