02 July 2015

Summer Happenings

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So, what have the girls been up to?

Well, we’re still doing schoolwork everyday but our goal is to finish by 10 (or 11 at the latest). It just depends when we get started in the mornings and what we have going on for the day. Besides playing lots of dolls and reading as often as they can, they started taking sewing lessons a couple of weeks ago. In the last year, they’ve both been passionate about sewing on their own so it was time for them to learn all the basics, the right way. They’ve always wanted to make clothes for the needy and one day, maybe even start a sewing club.

So far, they’re having so much fun!

photo 2

The girls also participated in my friend, Hailey’s first ever Craft Camp. Hailey organized a cute craft for each day of the week and the girls spent a couple of hours at her house every morning learning new crafts, working together, and generally just having fun with their girlfriends. It was a GREAT experience for them and they hope Mrs. White has enough energy to do it again NEXT summer!

  • Monday: sewing
  • Tuesday: card making
  • Wednesday: jewelry making
  • Thursday: felt food
  • Friday: cake decorating

We take a break from our regular music lessons in the summer so it’s the perfect time to try out new interests and see what becomes of them. Keeping the girls’ hands busy is always a worthwhile investment. Especially if they’re learning a new skill or using their creativity.

Zach's First Pool 030

Summer also means we escape the heat by taking time to go to the $1 movies with our friends and eat way too much buttered popcorn before lunch. Fun times!

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