12 February 2015

Big Day!

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It was a big day in our house! Zachary had his FIRST bite of real solid food! He tried a few bites of banana in the morning and a few bites of organic brown rice cereal this afternoon. So far, he’s not hating it!

He passed the 7 month mark last week and because he’s a preemie, I’ve been holding off on giving him solids. I just happened to be eating a banana this morning so I decided to give him a bite and see what he thought of it. After playing around with it in his mouth for a while, he finally swallowed it. When I put another piece near his mouth, he lunged forward to eat it. He did this several times so I think that means he liked it. :)

Although I’m in no hurry to rush solids on him, now that he’s had a taste, he may just be wanting MORE!

Love capturing these precious milestones of my baby.

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