14 January 2015


photo 2 (2)

I see you!


photo 2 (1)

Our little linebacker in the making.


photo 5

I love this boy with his crooked smile.


photo 1 (4)

Little man indeed.


photo 3 (3)

Who, me?!


photo 4 (2)

His favorite spot for naps and cuddling. On mama. :)


photo 1 (5)

And that he was… At least for that moment anyway. :)

These are just some of my favorite photos of our growing boy lately.

  • He currently weighs over 17 lbs.
  • He’s in 9 month clothes and quickly growing out of size 3 diapers.
  • His neck and head control seem to be getting stronger.
  • He’s learning to grab things with his hands and puts everything in his mouth.
  • He’s obsessed with propellers or anything that moves above him.
  • He likes to watch Sunday football with his daddy.
  • He absolutely loves cuddles, foot rubs, and warm baths.
  • He talks quite a bit (oohs, ahhs, and ohs).
  • He enjoys the great outdoors.
  • He does NOT like teething.
  • He’s beginning to sit up on his own, with some help.

He’s actually over 6 months old now but developmentally, he’s around 4 months old… Catching up, though!

We can’t get enough of how cute he is around here. Every day he changes and we get a front row seat.

The last of his FOUR post-adoption social worker visits will be completed this week. Yay! That means we’re one step closer to a court date. Of course, to us, he’s already a Gough but we’re ready to make this formality “official.”

We recently changed pediatricians and took Zachary in for his 6 month well-visit. The doctor couldn’t believe he was a preemie or that he went through everything he had earlier in his life. The doctor said he looked perfectly healthy!

Praise the Lord!

What an awesome work God has done (and continues to do) in healing our son.     

To Him be the glory!

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