18 January 2015

Happy Birthday, Dad

Dad's B-day 014

We miss my dad so much. We didn’t want to let his birthday go by without celebrating him.


Dad's B-day 008

Playing baseball in honor of you, Dad.


Dad's B-day 020

Madi & Zach: the cutest cousins EVER. And yes, she put her arm around him. After she played with his ear for a little while. :))


Dad's B-day 024A


Dad's B-day 027

To the hiking trails! In the background is the new hummingbird and butterfly garden they’re building by the entrance. Should be ready by Spring!


Dad's B-day 046

Such a perfect place to remember dad.


Dad's B-day 031

Cousins are the best.


Dad's B-day 032

My mom’s close friend, Cecilia joined us for the celebration and memorial.


Dad's B-day 035


Dad's B-day 036


Dad's B-day 040A


Dad's B-day 042

Auntie Emily in her favorite spot: Surrounded by babies and getting a work out, too. Carrying about 40 lbs!


Dad's B-day 051A

So fun to go through this baby stage with my sister in law.


Los Rios


Dad's B-day 049


Dad's B-day 054A

Daddy and his girls.


Dad's B-day 061

Time for birthday cake pie! My dad loved apple pie and ice cream.


Dad's B-day 062

Grateful for each and every year we had you, Dad.


Dad's B-day 064

More baseball!


Dad's B-day 068

The kids had so much fun!


Dad's B-day 069

Lastly, we kissed the balloons and let them fly up to heaven. Happy Birthday, Hapajee!

The Lord gave us beautiful weather up in the mountains to celebrate my dad’s birthday this weekend. We thought it might be cold but it turned out to be absolutely spectacular! Oak Glen was one of my dad’s favorite places. In fact, it was he and my mom who introduced us to it years ago. We have so many fond memories there as a family so it only seemed fitting to gather here in honor of him.

We all miss my dad greatly. Although he was a man of few words, his presence was a force, all on its own.  I miss seeing the utter delight and joy he had for his grandchildren. I miss seeing his eyes light up and his smile take over his usual stern face. And even though there are some days that I still can’t believe he’s gone, the hope of seeing him again outweighs my sadness.


Besides, it was too beautiful of a day to let anything but joy and peace reside in our hearts.

We love you and we miss you everyday, dad.


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