27 January 2015

A day in the life of a little brother

photo 1 (9)

Introducing Zachary to the ducks.


Storytime 007

Story time.


photo 2 (5)

Tummy time.


photo 1 (8)

All pooped out.


photo 3 (4)

Naked exercise time. :)


photo (17)

Dreaming of more milk.


photo 5 (1)

More story time.


photo 2 (6)

Dress up time. My poor baby!


photo (19)

Watching his sisters do school work.


Sitting up 007

Play time: practicing his grip (without smacking himself in the face).


Sitting up 009

Sitting up…


Sitting up 012

Before falling down. :)


photo (18)

And last but not least, taking a snooze on sissy while she reads.

Hailey said...

Utterly precious! He's getting so big!! And is it just the lighting or is his hair darkening?! What a special place he has as the little brother. Love.

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