26 December 2014

Merry Christmas

3 Kids 003


3 Kids 007

Why yes, that is a sweater onesie! As you can see, he’s absolutely thrilled about it. :)


Christmas 2014 028A

Christmas water.


Christmas 2014 002A

Zach trying to figure out if this is his mama or his Halmoni.


Christmas 2014 007A

Cousin Madilyn wants to play.


Christmas 2014 010A

Hanging out with Uncle Rich.


photo 1 (1)

Festive beverage of the day: Cranberry Raspberry Lemonade. The kids loved it!


Christmas 2014 011A

Emily & Rich.


Christmas 2014 012A

Me & mom.


Christmas 2014 013A

Pretty in pink.


Christmas 2014 016A

The season for all things red… including lips!


Christmas 2014 017A

Born 9 days apart… Zach is trying to catch up to his cousin, Madi.


Christmas 2014 018A

A gorgeous 83 degree day!


Christmas 2014 023A

Roller babes.


Christmas 2014 026A

Playing with Uncle Rich.


Christmas 2014 029A

Morgan’s new board game.


Christmas 2014 030A

Legos all the way around.


Christmas 2014 032A

Love the new b-ball!


Christmas 2014 033A

Girlie goodness.


Christmas 2014 035A

Can u tell they’re excited?!


Christmas 2014 041A

Cousins are the best!

It was my joy to host Christmas for my family this year. My goal was to keep it simple and casual. Being our first Christmas without my dad, its made me appreciate and soak in these special moments with my family even more.

In a way, my dad’s passing has brought us closer together. Despite losing him this year, we have so much to be grateful for, including TWO new lives that entered our family.

Praise God for the blessing of new life and the hope and promise of life eternal.

We miss you everyday, dad.

The next day, Roy & Laura were in town so we celebrated Christmas again at Grandma & Grandpa’s…  


Christmas Eve Day 2014 006


Christmas Eve Day 2014 013A


Christmas Eve Day 2014 014A


Christmas Eve Day 2014 016A


Christmas Eve Day 2014 017A

Simply adorable! As you can imagine, Zachary gets lots and lots of kisses everyday.


Christmas Eve Day 2014 018A

This little boy melts my heart.


Christmas Eve Day 2014 019A

Sibling love.


Christmas Eve Day 2014 022A

Half of the G-men.


Christmas Eve Day 2014 023A

Rowdy being himself.


Christmas Eve Day 2014 027A

I could eat him up!


Christmas Eve Day 2014 029A

Entertaining Aunt Mary Jo.


Christmas Eve Day 2014 035A

Grandma’s homemade lasagna was fantastic!


Christmas Eve Day 2014 037A

Happy boy!


Christmas Eve Day 2014 042A

Faith loves her science.

The highlights of the day were being with family, putting on the golf course and singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus!

A very Merry Christmas, indeed!

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