06 July 2014

Summer Berry Cheesecake Pie & Fireworks!


Why YES, that is a sparkler in the pie! The look on Faith’s face!

note: I wouldn’t recommend lighting a sparkler indoors, especially on a pie. The spark was extinguished almost immediately and the windows of the house were opened! 



JELL-O, berries, and cheesecake….in a pie! You can’t go wrong with that combo!



I usually make a big JELL-O Flag Cake on the 4th but this year, I woke up and realized I hadn’t made a Patriotic dessert yet and we were getting ready to head up to Riley’s. I quickly got on JELL-O’s website and found this easy dessert. It all came together in about 25 minutes. The time saver was definitely the premade crust. Of course, we prefer the homemade version but when you’re crunched for time, the pre-made ones sure come in handy! 



No complaints from the family. Grace enjoys her second piece! 



Is it dark yet??



The girls are ready to light off their first fireworks.



William, from down the street joined us.



Tentative but excited!





We decided to stay home and make our own 4th of July memories this year. In the past, we lived in La Quinta where fireworks were illegal but this year, we thought the girls might like the whole experience of lighting fireworks outside with our neighbors. Although they started off a little tentative, they had so much FUN!!!

GREAT memories!!  

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