28 July 2014

Oak Glen School House Museum


The old school bell rang and all the kids lined up.



This is the one room school house where 1st thru 8th graders attended.



They used a coal burning stove to keep the school room warm.





Oak Glen School 016


Oak Glen School 018A

This was a typical school day. It was a LONG day with very short lessons.


Oak Glen School 019

We heard this 100 year old phonograph play a tango.


Oak Glen School 023A

The kids also had a pen and ink lesson.


Oak Glen School 025

The Museum Director was so pleased to know we were teaching our kids cursive!


Oak Glen School 026


Oak Glen School 027




All the kids on the steps of the school house.



Children sitting on those same steps over 60 years ago.



Picnic lunch.


Oak Glen School 032

Followed by plenty of play time at the beautiful Oak Glen park.


Oak Glen School 033A

Last week, the girls and I were able to sneak away to cooler weather and escaped to the mountains for a fun field trip. My girlfriend, Hailey organized a tour of the Oak Glen School House Museum.

What would us desert folks do without our beloved and refreshing mountain getaway?!

We love Oak Glen and the park is one of our favorites. However, this was the first time we got to experience the tour the old school house.

Built in 1927, the school served the families of this apple growing community for over 37 years. In 1965, the school failed to meet the new earthquake standards so it was closed. Today, it houses a collection of vintage desks, books, and teaching materials.

What an interesting experience to go back in time and see what “school life” might have been like over 80 years ago.

A lovely time spent with sweet friends!

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