09 June 2014

Living Free Animal Sanctuary

Idyllwild Hike 074

On the way back from Idyllwild, we made an impromptu stop at this animal sanctuary.


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We ended up getting a tour of the facilities and met all the animals.


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Edgar, the Dog Whisperer.


Idyllwild Hike 080

All the dogs that have been adopted.


Idyllwild Hike 081

A walk through the kennels and the wood stove that keeps the dogs warm in the winter months.


Idyllwild Hike 082

They have 153 sprawling acres of beautiful land and space for the animals to play.


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Idyllwild Hike 084

This is where they train the animals to be domesticated in a “home like” environment.


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Idyllwild Hike 087


Idyllwild Hike 088

The Cattery. Three rooms of nothing but cats.


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Idyllwild Hike 094


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Since 1980, Living Free has operated as a non-profit, no-kill, animal sanctuary for dogs and cats. Their goal is to save the lives of dogs and cats that would otherwise be euthanized. They care for the animal, rehabilitate it, and hope that they will be adopted into a loving home. Otherwise, the animal will live at the sanctuary for the rest of their lives.

We were super impressed with the facility, the mission, and the people who work there.

And no, we did NOT come home with a pet but we may someday… soon. :)

Gotta love the spontaneous stops that lead to a field trip with daddy! 

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