06 May 2014

Spring Vacay: Coronado Island

Welk & Cor 122

We spent the second half of our week, just 30 minutes away, across the Bay Bridge on lovely Coronado Island.


Welk & Cor 124

Another picture perfect day in San Diego.


Welk & Cor 129

Although we didn’t stay at the historic (and wildly priced) Del, we always enjoy a stroll through the hotel’s grounds.


Welk & Cor 154


Welk & Cor 137

One of our favorite beaches is Coronado Beach. Where you’ll find the softest sand in California!


Welk & Cor 138


Welk & Cor 141

The tide pools were great for treasure hunting.


Welk & Cor 142A


Welk & Cor 152

The many colors of Coronado… Where there’s always a party or a wedding going on!


Welk & Cor 145

Yay for spectacular beach weather! Even for us desert rats, it was WARM!


Welk & Cor 127

We stayed at the much less expensive but equally historic Glorietta Bay Inn, right across the street from the beach and Hotel Del.


Welk & Cor 223A

Built in 1906, the original Glorietta Bay Mansion was home to the entrepreneur and businessman, John D. Spreckels. He is credited to have built the city of San Diego into the major commercial and cosmopolitan city it is today.


Welk & Cor 167A

Relaxing in the music room.


Welk & Cor 169

Spreckels is pictured here with his 5 grandchildren on the sun porch swing circa 1920. Check out the ornate windows.


Welk & Cor 168

Here they stand today.


Welk & Cor 164A

Breakfast on the veranda facing Glorietta Bay.


Welk & Cor 158

Do we look relaxed yet?


Welk & Cor 225

That old phone still works!


Welk & Cor 207A

We thoroughly enjoyed the heated pool!


Welk & Cor 200

Catching up on some reading.


Welk & Cor 210A

Oh, how we miss our pool! The girls couldn’t get enough.

Museum of History & Art: Navy Seals Exhibit… interesting peek into this elite group of Navy men.

Welk & Cor 173A

San Diego, in general, has a big military presence but Coronado in particular is home to our Naval Base and the Navy Seals.


Welk & Cor 176


Welk & Cor 179


Welk & Cor 178


Welk & Cor 180


Welk & Cor 189

Left: Woman’s bathing suit.     Right: Men’s bathing suit. 


Around town: One of the benefits of our stay was that we could walk anywhere and didn’t have to drive.

Welk & Cor 197A


Welk & Cor 213A


Welk & Cor 220

MooTime Creamery… a special treat!


Welk & Cor 218A

Hooray for vacations!


Welk & Cor 290A


Welk & Cor 294


Welk & Cor 295


Bike Ride Around the Island: We rode the whole 8 mile scenic loop. No wonder my legs were so sore later! FUN!!

Welk & Cor 231


Welk & Cor 226


Welk & Cor 234


Welk & Cor 236


Welk & Cor 247A


Welk & Cor 249


More BEACH time!!

Welk & Cor 259


Welk & Cor 285


Welk & Cor 265A


Welk & Cor 278


Welk & Cor 268

Mini sand dollars.


Welk & Cor 280

The Sand Castle Man building his next project.


Welk & Cor 282


Welk & Cor 286A

Sometimes, we all need a change of venue. Having the ability to getaway from all our normal responsibilities and routine, really can do wonders. It helps us put things in perspective and makes us even more grateful for the blessed life we’ve been given.

On this trip, we had no plans of doing much of anything. Our only goal was to chill out and be together.

Although we love adventure and new places, HOME is always where our hearts are most content.


Thank you, LORD for giving me more than I ever hoped for, imagined or deserved.

Until next time, San Diego!   

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