05 May 2014

Spring Vacay: The Welk Resort in Escondido

Welk & Cor 113

That’s right. As in Lawrence Welk! Turns out this place is not just for the elderly. :)

It was a fun and relaxing family friendly resort. We would definitely do it again!

Welk & Cor 007

One of the highlights for the girls was having a fishing lake on property.


Welk & Cor 009


Welk & Cor 010


Welk & Cor 013


Welk & Cor 017

Faith caught a little perch.


Welk & Cor 019

She’s a natural… she can bait, cast, reel, and release, all by herself.


Welk & Cor 020

Here’s Grace’s catch one morning.


Welk & Cor 022

Time to try out the waterslide.


Welk & Cor 026


Welk & Cor 030

Our balcony/patio can be seen from the waterslide & pool area.


Welk & Cor 031


Welk & Cor 033

One of the better waterslides we’ve been on!


Welk & Cor 037


Welk & Cor 041

Enjoying lunch on our balcony.


Welk & Cor 046


Welk & Cor 048

Silly girls.


Welk & Cor 057


Welk & Cor 059


Welk & Cor 061


Welk & Cor 070

We’re a family of soup lovers so when Trip Advisor tells us about a hole in wall local spot that’s famous for their soup, we’re all over that!!


Welk & Cor 063

A big bowl of chicken soup with all the fixins’ (onions, cilantro, rice, and avocado). Yes, please!!


Welk & Cor 066

Nope, I didn’t enjoy mine at all.


Welk & Cor 068

Faith didn’t like hers either. 


Welk & Cor 069

Grace polished off her soup while still enjoying the homemade tortillas.


Welk & Cor 078

Back at resort, the girls hit the dance floor for Festival Under the Lights.


Welk & Cor 081


Welk & Cor 084


Welk & Cor 086


Welk & Cor 090

Seriously. So much fun. They had a blast!!


Welk & Cor 093

Dancing Queens.


Welk & Cor 095

Singing with the man himself.


Welk & Cor 096

Lawrence Welk and his mini maestros.


Welk & Cor 097

Relaxing by the fire pit.


Welk & Cor 104

Participating in the belly flop contest.


Welk & Cor 108

Celebrating the win with their new friends.

One of the many perks of homeschooling is having the flexibility of going on vacation when everyone else isn’t. Turns out the week after Spring Break was a good time. Apparently, it was A LOT quieter around the resort, and thankfully, it was unusually HOT in San Diego. April can be hit or miss but we had temps in the high 90’s!

The Welk was a pleasant surprise. The villas were spacious and the full kitchens came in handy for breakfast and lunch.

Other highlights include: A weekly Famer’s Market at the resort, dinner with Morgan’s sister and her family, daily ping pong matches between Morgan and I, and lots of family time by the pool.

Our stay only lasted 3 days but Lord willing, we hope to be back! 

Good memories and LOTS of relaxing… just what we had hoped for! 

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