24 March 2014

BBQ & Baptisms


The girls always have a great time hanging out with our church family and playing at Jordan Outreach.






Pastor Steve baptized 10-12 people and half of them were kids, under the age of 12. Sweet!



The day was hot but the pool was refreshingly chilly!



Tetherball… takes me right back to elementary school.



Our weekend was full. In addition to all the party festivities on Saturday, our church’s monthly BBQ was on Sunday. Once in a while, they also hold baptisms and we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to witness those who have decided to be obedient to the Lord by making a public declaration of their faith (by water baptism).

It’s always such an encouragement and blessing to see folks get baptized!

Praise the Lord for stirring hearts to action and increasing the size of His Army!  

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