18 February 2014

Congratulations, Grace!

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My shy little one has been taking voice lessons for just a month now so I was surprised when she said she wanted to enter her first voice competition at the Date Festival. I mentioned it to her, only because my girlfriend told me about it and shared that it was a good experience for novice singers.       I honestly did not think she would want to do it.

She said she would pray about it and get back to me. Well, a week passed and I actually forgot about it. Then Little Miss told me she wanted to do it!

Bless her heart, she had 11 days to practice and 7 verses to memorize (and memorization does not usually come easy for her). Our advice: have fun, sing for the Lord, and do your best. We would be proud of her no matter what.

Ok, confession time: I actually didn’t tell her it was a competition until just 2 days before. Up until then, she thought it was just a performance. Well again, to my surprise, instead of making her more nervous, it made her more excited! She asked if there were going to be ribbons.

Here’s how it went down:

Grace: Oh, mommy, do you think they will give out ribbons?

Me: I’m not sure, honey.

Grace: If they have ribbons, what color do you think they’ll be?

Me: Usually they’re blue, red, and white.

Grace: Oh, I’ve always wanted a red ribbon!!

Well, GOD IS SO GOOD because Grace not only received a RED ribbon, she won 3rd place, a white ribbon, her first trophy, and $50 bucks!!










She’s beaming!!





Lots of encouragement from her best sister!







Her friend, Elizabeth also did fantastic in her own competitive division.



Now, it was time to relax and enjoy the fair!













LOL!! This picture cracks me up!!





What a day!! From top to bottom, it was definitely one to remember. 

Proudest Parent Moment of the Day: We noticed, right before Grace went on stage she was talking to the contestant next to her (an 8 year old girl). We then saw her give the girl a hug. When we asked her about it later, she told us the girl said she was very nervous. To which Grace replied, “I’m nervous too but I’m sure you’ll do great.” Then she gave her a hug. In the midst of her own nerves and finding the courage to sing and perform in front of judges and a crowd, our little girl took the time to encourage another little soul.

That girl went on to win 2nd place.:)

We couldn’t be more proud of you, Grace! 

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