13 January 2014

On life’s disappointments

love on a limb

In her mind, she envisioned what would soon be. She dreamed about it and talked about it everyday for the past 8 months. Even as we gently reminded her that this was all a possibility, not a certainty, she was not easily swayed. Her love hung out on a limb for all to see.

This was the answer to her prayers and it almost became a reality…

Until the day she learned one of life’s toughest lessons… To love is to risk.

And with that risk, there could be disappointment. 

Let me back up and share that this tender-hearted child of mine is not one to be easily disappointed in the comings and goings of life. She’s my go-with-the-flow girl, mild-mannered and graciously adaptable. She is a true optimist in every sense of the word and she rarely complains, whines, or gets her feathers ruffled.

Her personality is amiable and lucky for me, she’s not one who expects much. Therefore, when she receives much, I’m always so blessed to witness her sweet sense of genuine gratefulness.

However, in this particular case, with circumstances beyond our control, the unplanned lesson for the day became learning through life’s greatest disappointments. As her mama, watching her hopes and dreams crumble through her soft little fingers was indeed, heartbreaking.

As the tears subsided and the hugs pressed in close, I began to speak truth into her wounded heart.

Life is full of disappointments but they can also be the greatest opportunities for us to learn and press further into the One who knows what’s best.

The sweetest blessing came from watching one sister take care of the other. I listened gratefully as she lavished words of encouragement, scripture and stories of faithful servants who were tragically disappointed in the circumstances of their day. Yet they continued to hope, trust, and press on!

“God has a plan for us, sister… we don’t know what it is yet but we have to trust that it’s good because He is good.” 

Father, for every future disappointment that comes their way, I pray they will always find comfort in the truth of these words and in the loving arms of one another.

Hailey said...

Sob! I was a bit emotional and this just pushed my emotions over the top. Love those sweet girls.....and their beautiful momma.

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