29 December 2013

Kids Worship Group

Kids Worship 001

The girls… they all had on red sweaters… NOT planned! :)


Kids Worship 003

Warming up with Brother Ken, their music teacher.


Kids Worship 006


Kids Worship 008

The Sensational Seven.


Kids Worship 011


Kids Worship 012


Kids Worship 015

Announcements and introductions from Pastor Brian.


Kids Worship 016

For several weeks now, the girls have been part of a new ministry at church on Wednesday nights called the Garden Kids Music Group. Unfortunately, most of the kids in this group got sick the week before Christmas so they weren’t able to perform what they had been practicing before Christmas…

However, today, they got their opportunity!

They kicked off both services this morning with a Christmas medley. It was incredibly sweet to see and hear those precious little ones lift up their voices and use their God-given gifts to worship the Lord and bless the whole congregation.

Such an awesome opportunity for the kids!! 

The girls really enjoyed it and of course, they CAN’T WAIT to do it AGAIN!!

Lord willing!! :)

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