24 October 2013

Halloween, the Christian Dilemma


I started making part of the girls’ Halloween costumes a couple of weeks ago. I got most of the way done and this weekend, I’m hoping to put the final touches on them. Thankfully, this was not a difficult project. Even I could manage! LOL

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Each year, we try to come up with costumes that are pure, innocent, and most importantly, glorifying to the Lord. In the past, we’ve also tried to make this a family event by dressing up in costumes mommy and daddy can wear, too. The girls have totally loved this aspect of it.  

The Halloween Dilemma 

We know Halloween is a pagan holiday. I have taught my girls about the origins of this day and why some people choose to wear scary, demonic costumes. Our children are terrified of any of the “dark stuff” that typically represents Halloween in our culture. We raise them to live in the light so even at this early age, they realize the importance of guarding their eyes (and hearts) against anything wicked or evil. It’s amazing to see how people go “all out” in costume and décor. Everything from witches to demons, corpses to graveyards…. Um, no thank you. Our culture’s goal is to desensitize our children to the evil persuasions of this world. I don’t find anything cute about that at all. Not to mention the wide array of immodest costumes for our young girls nowadays! 

Thoughts on Halloween seem to be somewhat divided amongst Christians. Every year, as parents, we have to make an intentional decision for our family regarding Halloween. Some believers feel complete freedom to observe the secular holiday. Others pretend their not home, locking their doors and turning off their lights. Many boycott or ignore it altogether. Some celebrate it through more positive Christian-based alternatives, and still others, choose to take advantage of Halloween's evangelistic opportunities.

Last year, we did some reverse evangelism. Basically, we passed out candy with kid-friendly gospel tracts to anyone who came to our door.

This year, we’ll be manning a carnival booth at Jordan Outreach’s Fall Festival. This event is a Halloween-alternative for impoverished families and the surrounding community. Children of all ages play a variety of games set up in carnival-style booths; participate in outdoor activities like Human Bowling, Jousting, Sumo Wrestling, Bounce-house Inflatables, and a Climbing Rock Wall. A freshly prepared BBQ dinner is provided– all free of charge. Afterwards, live music sets the stage for the presentation of the gospel, which is followed by on-site trick-or-treating for all the kids.

As a concerned Christian parent, I definitely understand the draw and thinking behind simply “turning off your light.” However, as a follower of Christ, I am faced with the question, “Why are we here in this dark world? To be safe and protected within our own walls or reach out and be a light for Christ?” In other words, “What would Jesus do?”

Well, I think we all know Jesus would be out in the community, talking to the people.

Halloween may be an event where we can prayerfully and creatively look for ways in which to seize this opportunity, instead of hide from it. 

After all, there are not many days in the year in which opportunity may literally, come “knocking on your door.”  

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