08 October 2013

Finding Comfort in the Uncomfortable

Life Begins

There’s a lot of truth to that statement. At least in my own life, I have seen it played out this way time and time again.

As Americans, we like our comfort don’t we? As much as I’d like for my faith to be an easy “sit-down” kind of faith, I know Jesus did not call me out of darkness to sit down and be comfortable.

He called me to stand up, step out in faith, and Follow Him.

This week, I have two things on my plate that take me out of my comfort zone. Both happen to occur on the same day, involve lots of people and one of them, a video camera. Eeeek!

Leaving the cozy confines of my comfort zone is never easy yet He keeps presenting me with opportunities to stand up and speak, for Him. 

I could’ve said no. My flesh wanted to say no… But ultimately, my Spirit said yes.

Truth be told, even though my flesh is bent on a life of ease, I don’t want to settle for an easy, happy life.

Jesus did not come to make us happy. He came to make us holy.

And a holy life requires obedience. The kind of obedience that beckons us to die to ourselves so that we might fully live in Him. When all is said and done, I want that kind of life. Don’t you?

LORD, make me uncomfortable with the ease and deception of happiness we are far too easily pleased with. Help me to be willing and obedient to the things you have called me to and give me Your confidence as I seek to do Your will, for Your glory. Amen!

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