13 September 2013

A Few Things Well

It’s Friday afternoon already. That means I’m looking forward to more family time with my hubby, a sweet visit to my extended family in OC (which means Korean food, here I come!), and of course, the fellowship and teaching we’ve been so desperately craving and grateful for on the Lord’s day. 

Have a lovely, grace-laced, intentional weekend, friends!

I’ll leave you with these poignant words from Ruth… I pray we all choose to do a few things well.  

It’s simply not worth it…

If we get our kids in a ton of activities,

but we never spend time with them.

If we serve everyone else,

but not our own husbands.

If we attend every function we’re invited to,

but barely function at home.

If we tend to other gardens,

while weeds spring up in our own.

If we spend time running around,

when our homes are running circles around us.

If we offer pieces of ourselves to everyone,

and forfeit the peace of being everything to just a few at home.

If we have joy and laughter for friends and outsiders,

but those inside our homes experience something very different.

If we sing praises to the Lord on Sunday,

but repeatedly sing tunes of worry and doubt throughout the week.

If we please everyone,

and fail to please the Lord.

If we have lovely things

but have not love. 

“And so, I’m choosing to live a quiet life, work (diligently) with my hands, and to strive to do a few things well. The few things that matter. The few things I’ve been given to do. The few things that count for eternity.” ~Ruth @ Gracelaced

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