06 August 2013

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon 080


Grand Canyon 046


Grand Canyon 050

The cutest little Jr. Park Rangers.


Grand Canyon 063


Grand Canyon 068

Looks like a painting!


Grand Canyon 069A



Grand Canyon 075

Livin’ on the edge…


Grand Canyon 101


Grand Canyon 102A


Grand Canyon 119


Grand Canyon 123


Grand Canyon 129

Saw this deer cross our path.


Grand Canyon 149


Grand Canyon 150

Sunset at Hopi Point on the South Rim.

We headed east towards Arizona on the first leg of our road trip. After spending the night in Flagstaff we enjoyed a hot breakfast and made our way to the Grand Canyon.

Our original plan was to camp there for the night but after the girls and I got swarmed with gnats at our campsite, we quickly vetoed that idea. Too bad because we love to camp!

With no hotel reservations, we were told getting a room at the Grand Canyon (in the summer, on a Friday night) would be next to impossible.

After praying together and making a call to the general hotel directory, we ended up getting the last room in the area! It was a nice one, too... God is so good!

We checked in that afternoon and we were able to enjoy both the day time as well as the sunset views.

Truly majestic, incredible, and oh so GRAND.

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