29 August 2013

a LITTLE celebration!

[it's the little moments] all the accolades, big celebrations etc. they may be great...but nothing beats the smile of patient leaving your session, or the light bulb that illuminates when a child or a loved one understands something or experiences love

We had a little thing happen to us today.

We got the call from our adoption agency saying that we have been assigned our social worker!!

We spoke with her today and our final interviews have been set for next week!! Although there are several more requirements that need to be met, we are ONE SIGNIFICANT STEP CLOSER to meeting our BOY.

This was our desire by the end of summer so yes, even though it’s a little thing, it’s actually a pretty big thing to us!

In the meantime, we’ve been praying that wherever our little man is, whatever situation he’s in right now, that God would keep him safe, healthy, and in His perfect care.

We’d love for you to pray with us!

Hang on, buddy...

We’re comin’ for you.

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